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Particularly beautiful places of excursions

View to Östersund over the Storsjö-lake
The yard is surrounded by a primeval forest of spruce and birch which is mixed with hill moors, swamps and two mountain rivers that gurgle directly past the yard. During the summer, reindeers are regularly visiting the yard and with a little luck, you can see moose while you are fishing or collecting berries and mushrooms.
Mooses in the Moosegarden
Here you will find endless forests, wild cascades and impressive moose in the Moosegarden which are making the region so distinct and special. The location of the Galå Fjällgård with its silence and the nativeness of the nature is impressive.
Town hall in Östersund
Also the culture and history of Sweden is present in Jämtland. Visit one of the historic churches, the numerous museums, which are telling about the past in many towns or visit the capital of Jämtland Östersund.
Bygdegård in Oviken
Jamtli open-air museum in Östersund

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