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Mushrooms in the forest

Golden chanterelles
The forest and the mountain parts nearby the tree line offers various kind of mushrooms during late summer or autumn. Depending on weather conditions and soil you will be successful in picking mushrooms on an enjoyable walk throught colour-filled landscape. If you feel unsure about the different genus in Sweden you can book a guided tour with a local mushroom expert from our region.
Collecting mushrooms together with the mushroom-guide
Together with the group the expert will go out into the forest and try to find and identify different kind of mushrooms. It surely will be an exicting tour for everybody!

Mushroom guide: 300 SEK per person (min. 2 persons, approx. 2 hours). Reservation needed in advance.

Funnel Chanterelles Delicate edible mushroom: tooth fungi Mushrooms in the forest: the gypsy mushroom

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