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Börtnans fishing area

Fishing surroundings 

Fishing surroundings
Species of fish
Methods of fishing
Fishing permit
Map and further information

Flyfishing section in the river Ljungan nearby Börtnan
The fishing surroundings of Börtnan are straight south of Galåbodarna and offer you varied watercourses for sportfishing as well as recreational fishing in rivers and lakes. The area stretches out along the shore of Ljungan and includes long whitewater as well as lakes nearby the river. The rivers Arån and Galån are also counted to the 20 km of flowing watercourses. Furthermore Börtnans fishing surroundings comprehend 600 ha of lakes and tarns for a diversified fishing-adventure.

The fishing area of Börtnan is one of Swedens most interesting ones. The local fishing club stands highly up for the fostering of the population. Annually young populations of mainly trout, grayling and char are released in different lakes.
The clear and cold waters of Jämtland, which are not overfished, allow grand populations to grow up. Thus in Börtnan the Swedish record of a 14 kg trout was caught.

Species of fish 

Fly-fishing within Ljungan
Rich appearance of: brown trout, rainbow trout, char, grayling, whitefish and pike
Furthermore: Perch

Methods of fishing 

Catching greyling out of the rivers or lakes around Börtnan and Galå Fjällgård
The most popular and possible methods of fishing in Börtnans fishing area are:
spin fishing, fly fishing, angeling and ice fishing.
You can rent boats at the major lakes Lill-Börtnen, Stor-Börtnen and Flåsjön in Börtnan.
You are also welcome to rent equipment for ice fishing from us.

Fishing permit 

Pimpeln - ice fishing on one of the numerous lakes
You can by fishing permits from us:
(Prices 2016)
  • 1 day: 80 SEK
  • 3 days: 200 SEK
  • 7 days: 300 SEK
  • Annual permit: 600 SEK / partner permit: 300 SEK

Map and further information 

Map of the fishing area of Börtnan in Sweden
Fishing in this area is possible nearly all the year round. We would be glad to help you with choosing the right waters. For planning your trip you will find a rough overview map of the fishing area of Börtnan at the left hand site. Detailed maps over the fishing area as well as topographical maps you can buy with us.

You will get further information on the following homepages:
Börtnans fvof (swedish)

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