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Galå Fjällgård is situated at the base of the mountain area of Ovikenmountains in the northern region of Jämtland in Sweden. Mostly, our guest are travelling with their own car to us. Connections with flight to Åre-Östersund or with the train to Östersund are also possible.

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Direction to Galå Fjällgård
A direct connection with public transport is not given. We therefore recommend to have acess to a private car/ rental car during the holiday.

Please do not hesitate to contact us in case of more questions.

Please note: the mountain lodge is not situated in the vicinity of 840 40 Svenstavik, but approximately 50 km outside in sparsely populated area. Even modern gps car navigation might not always guide correctly. Please have also a look for the right position on a map, e.g. in the internet on Google Maps.


62°50'30'' N   13°49'36'' O
+62,84166667   +13,82666667

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